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New York Video Pages™ has a very special Internet pre-launch campaign. We are Offering Video advertising for your business and or products via Web video ads. These are video ads that will be running from A-Z in your prefered category.

For Example: People search our site looking under (A) for accountants, after watching a few video clips, they will not only have a greater connection with you and your service, but as a result you will have a more informed client, anxious to meet and or do business with you.

Another Example: an out of towner plans a trip to New York and wants to visit a dentist while here, he gets to watch and listen to actual videos about dentists before visiting the dental office.

Let's say your are looking for a nice restaurant, You check out the videos and decide which restaurant you want to visit. It's that simple.

The online experience with sound and motion makes your choices so much more exciting about the people you want to do business with.

It's like TV but better, because people can see your commercial anytime, from any location and that could mean extra business for you!

Call now and take advantage of the *$59 per month pre-launch sale.
Call 646-423-7651. We are looking to ad videos from Accountants to Zoos. Be one of the top ten in your category.

Streamies: Are people who watch and listen to Internet audio and video are among the most valuable demographics on the Web and are "worth their weight in gold."

By adding your business into the New York Video Pages™ Business Search you will attract and retain this profitable demographic

Why New York Video over Newspaper Radio or Classified ads?

"It's the number one choice for people who advertise and want a low cost way of getting their message across. Dollar for dollar penny for penny, webvideo ads will reach more people than TV, Newspapers and radio combined. A survey showed that major TV ads have dropped their presale ads by 15% as a result of companies choosing Internet Ads. For a fraction of the cost you can have the same exposure as large companies do simply by placing a VideoAd on the Internet"

The average cost of a commercial druing Super Bowl was $2,500,000.00

About Media 4 Concepts LLC.

Media 4 Concepts LLC. Is a Multi-Media Video Production Company with the latest technological breakthroughs in delivering video on demand over the Internet. M4C compresses video to satisfy the needs of millions of viewers utilizing video demand play back, online.

Media 4 Concepts LLC owns and operates an entertainment news site about film makers on film making. A sampling of their work can be found at

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Free! New Video Arrivals Subcription

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*Production and video setup fees are not included extra charge per keyword search

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